Christie Rotarius


                                                Christie has been teaching voice for 20 years and continues to educate herself and keep up with                                                         leading research in voice science. She holds a Master of Music in Musical Theatre Voice                                                                       Performance and an Advanced Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy from NYU Steinhardt, where she                                                             studied under Dr. Brian Gill. She holds a Bachelor of Music in Classical Voice Performance from                                                         Montclair State University, where she studied under world-reknown counter-tenor Jeffrey Gall and                                                   Dr. Stephen Oosting. She also studied both Vocal Music Education and Instrumental Music Education                                                 at Asbury University, where she majored in Voice and minored in Piano. She studied acting and                                                         improv with the late Gene Frankel, a true master of his craft. She has attended NYU's International                                                   Voice Symposium, Fall Voice Conference, and other Master Classes and Workshops by leading voice                                                 scientists, laryngologists, and master teachers from around the world in order to remain current                                                       and cutting edge in her knowledge. 


    Christie takes a special interest in working with singers who have sustained vocal injuries, as she has lived this experience           herself, which lead her to research Voice Science, Pedagogy, and Voice Disorders. She has worked with students to heal               issues such as nodules, chronic inflammation, and cysts. She maintains relationships with top laryngologists and SLPs in             both New York City and NJ and believes vocal health and sustainability is of utmost importance in voice training.



   Christie hails from South Jersey where she spent 4 years as the vocal and piano department head at Old Towne Music. She          has worked as an Instructor for TakeLessons and served on their Teacher Advisory Panel. She is a warm and loving teacher        that can work well with almost any student. She has successfully taught several autistic children, some with ADD, a deaf vocal    student and singers with other special needs. She has personal experience helping family members cope with anxiety                  disorders and has drawn from this experience to help students suffering from performance anxiety. 

   A recent transplant to the Pacific Northwest, Christie is now a member of the Northwest Chapter of the Voice Foundation and      is working on building relationships with other voice professionals in the area. Christie is looking forward to bringing her NYC      experience to the Seattle community!


   In addition to her teaching experience, Christie is a working singer and actor in NYC, performing under the stage name,                  Christie Lynn Devoe. Feel free to learn more about her performance life at