Allison Guinn, “Hair” 2009 Broadway Revival, “On The Town” 2014 Broadway Revival, "Les Miserables" 2017 National Tour

NYC - 2017

Christie Rotarius is the real deal!  She not only is one of the most patient teachers, but she really knows her stuff when it comes to knowing how to and where to produce the sound you want for specific songs or shows.  She is also able to translate that knowledge easily to the not so trained when it comes to vocal technique and those of us who sing naturally but have little vocal training!  I cannot recommend her enough!  


Daniela - singer/songwriter NYU


"All in all, I have felt my voice not only develop in quality but also in health which has made a significant difference in my approach to singing. Listening back on my first lessons I was able to remember my techniques from previous vocal coaches, but I was lacking a fluidity and a mind body connection that I feel like I have gained over the past semester. My initial approach was to merely copy the exact sound and movement of my teacher but through Christie's ability to tailor make her lessons and techniques to my voice, my challenges, and the way I think, I was able to intellectually understand and physically feel my voice simultaneously. I am greatly looking forward to further developing this experience of the mind body singing approach."


New York City

"Christie is absolutely amazing. I'm overcoming some vocal issues and she both understands what I'm going through and knows what to do about it. I've only taken 2 lessons and already feel a difference." 

Vicki D.

Montclair, NJ

"Christie provides first-class vocal instruction, technique, coaching, and training with a loving touch! My daughters have improved tremendously over the short time they have been with her. She is passionate, caring, and dedicated - the best!"

Alex Z.

NYU student

"Christie Rotarius truly helped me to improve my technique as well as renew my passion for singing and open me up to various genres. I had an absolutely wonderful experience."

Raven Smith


I have had the great privilege of working with Christie for the past year and it has been a wonderful experience! I feel that I have grown both vocally and personally as a result of Christie's instruction. She takes the time to partner with you to identify your areas of strength and areas for growth. Not only has she helped me to identify ways to improve my skills, but she has helped me to find a litany of tools that work for my voice so that I can approach any challenge I may be experiencing vocally. In addition to helping with vocal technique, she equally puts effort into helping me achieve confidence in my vocal performance. Due to my work with Christie, I have expanded my range of skills, my repertoire, and have discovered opportunities available to me with voice. Because of her patience, expertise, honesty, and partnership, it would be a pleasure to continue working with her for years to come."

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