Find Balance, Maintain a Healthy Instrument, and Experience Freedom to Live Truthfully in the Moment...

We sing because we have something to say; whether a professional singing on Broadway, an amateur singing in the church choir, or a hobbyist singing karaoke. I know first hand the struggle it can be to say what you need to say when your instrument (your voice) seems to be working against you. For this reason, I have made it my mission to learn everything I can about how the voice works, scientifically, in order to understand and then share with my students how we can work WITH our instruments and not against them. While the work we do in the studio is very detailed, it all is about finding and maintaining balance throughout the multiple systems of the body involved in vocal production. I have no interest in changing you, but in helping you use YOUR voice in the best way possible to achieve your goals.


"Christie Rotarius is the real deal!  She not only is one of the most patient teachers, but she really knows her stuff when it comes to knowing how to and where to produce the sound you want for specific songs or shows.  She is also able to translate that knowledge easily to the not so trained when it comes to vocal technique and those of us who sing naturally but have little vocal training!  I cannot recommend her enough!"  

—  Allison Guinn, “Hair” 2009 Broadway Revival, “On The Town” 2014 Broadway Revival, "Les Miserables" 2017 National Tour