Many years ago, I found myself diagnosed with a vocal injury and thought my career was over. Fortunately, I educated myself and worked with the right voice team to rehabilitate my voice. I know what it is like to have a compromised voice and I also know the stigma that often comes along with it. This is the reason I went back to school to study Vocal Pedagogy. I have done coursework in Voice Disorders and have working relationships with Laryngologists and SLPs in Seattle, New York, and NJ. I continue to study and keep up with emerging voice science. We can work together to bring you back to health and then sustain that health. Singers, actors, teachers and many other professional voice users find themselves in this situation and I can help. I also understand how you feel and will be sensitive to that as we work. You CAN get better. 





Seattle area: $75 per 55 minute session.


New York: $100 per 55 minute session.


Pre-paid lesson package discount. Family discounts. Please inquire.


***Flexible with days/times to accommodate your audition and production schedules. Regular weekly lessons also available.



"Christie Rotarius is the real deal!  She not only is one of the most patient teachers, but she really knows her stuff when it comes to knowing how to and where to produce the sound you want for specific songs or shows.  She is also able to translate that knowledge easily to the not so trained when it comes to vocal technique and those of us who sing naturally but have little vocal training!  I cannot recommend her enough!"  

—  Allison Guinn, “Hair” 2009 Broadway Revival, “On The Town” 2014 Broadway Revival, "Les Miserables" 2017 National Tour